Flippity Floppity Danes

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Me And You
Kenny Chesney (Me And You)

Hello, my name is Marcy and I live in Bolingbrook, IL. It is about 30 min from chicago. I have 3 Great Danes and 1 Shih Tzu. My danes go everywhere with me, therefore they are well socialized and great with other dogs. My family and I put in a lot of time and effort with them each and everyday. We consider them part of our family. I take them to dog parks and forest preserves, which allows me to, take them off leash and let them run around freely. They also do very well with my Shih Tzu, and young kids, which they are around day in and out. I live in a house, but when I can't get them out, I let them out in my fenced in backyard to run for exercise. They have a baby pool in back that they love to play in. Overall, they are very well behaved Danes that catch the eyes of many because they are so gorgeous.

The danes are use to dogs of all different sizes. We have never had them around cats, because we don't have any, but I'm pretty sure they would get along great with them as well. This picture to the right, is Zoey and Demetrius' best friend, Dip Styk, who was a Great Dane/Pitbull mix. They would all sleep together and play with one another constantly.  He has passed on (Jan 2012), and they were sad and depressed for a few days. But with a lot of love and even more attention, they were able to recover ago back to themself. They do not sleep in a kennel, they sleep on there own twin size bed and or their doggy bed in the room with us. Demetrius is a HUGE LOVER, if you are hurt he will come up to you and will not leave your side, as if he knows that you are upset. Zoey and Bonnie on the other hand, have so much energy then Demetrius but he does still have his puppy stages where he loves to just run his laps. Sometimes he runs the entire time at the dog park, until we have to leave.


There will be a return contract, basically meaning we do not want them to end up in a shelter. For the contract, you will not get your money back, nor will you get a different puppy, they will just be returned to have a good rest of their life.

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